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Kevin’s First Novel Is Getting Popular!

The reviews for Kevin’s first novel, Borrachon, continue to come in and they are all very positive.  This is Ulysses Media’s first publication and we are working on rolling out more books soon.  We are currently looking for new authors looking to be published.

Regarding Borrachon, it is a prequel to the Rio Bravo story and film provides the complete background leading up to the classic tale. The book gives rich backstories to Sherriff John T. Chance, his deputies, Dude and Stumpy, as well as introduces new, colorful characters worthy of Western writers like Larry McMurtry, Louis L’Amour, and Zane Grey. The novel is filled with excitement, humor and intrigue and will leave the reader with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Rio Bravo story itself.

You can buy the Kindle or printed version (or both!) here:

Borrachon on Amazon


Thank you all for your continued support.